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We believe that facilitating sustainable business is a critical step in creating a sustainable world. It’s now essential that every finance department recognises the importance of becoming more sustainable. Stakeholders are increasingly focused on both financial and non–financial performance, including the impact of Environmental, Social and Governance issues. We combine the traditional finance and evolving sustainability roles to deliver a strategic service to those who are ready to make a difference.

We work with start-ups hungry to change the world as well as larger established organisations who are navigating changes and making improvements. It can be difficult to resource an internal team that can embed the systems and processes required to meet evolving business needs, while also completing everyday tasks. We provide an innovative option for clients that provides flexibility and resourcing to deliver these services to an exceptional standard.

We offer outsourced Virtual Sustainability CFO services and CPA/CA qualified accountants with experience in sustainability and deliver the following services:


Business as usual accounting 

Financial modelling

Budget preparation

Business plan establishment

Emissions tracking

Sourcing and interpreting sustainably based data

Establishment of ESG reporting procedures

Project cost control and scenario analysis in relation to sustainability-based factors

Periodic management and board reporting including both financial and ESG reporting as well as development of automated dashboard reports

Corporate finance related services including assistance with business structuring, capital raising, business acquisitions and sales, and business valuations

Government funding strategies and applications

Assistance obtaining green finance




Our team of experienced business analysts, carbon analysts and consultants work closely with clients to take advantage of the opportunities the green transition presents. We can help you develop strategies to reduce your emissions, fully decarbonise and to offer carbon neutral products and services.


We're finance people at heart, so every strategy considers the business case for making a change that will reduce emissions, including forecast costs and return so we can break the process down in a way that makes as much sense to the CFO as the head of sustainability. 


Emissions tracking

Emission reduction strategies and implementation

Identifying and quantifying new opportunities for organisations and within business units

Net zero strategies and execution

Financial modelling to support detailed business case development

Stakeholder management and strategy across major projects




It can be difficult to find the right people to optimise your operation while also getting through the business as usual requirements to the highest standard. We do both through our outsourced operational support teams. Both large and small organisations outsource the delivery of financial, commercial, analytical and procurement services to ER. We work within industries that are complex and where processes and systems often need to be established or improved. We can achieve significantly more than what a single FTE can and we become part of your team from the start. When you're ready to take these services back in house, we deliver a strong handover, setting you up for success. 


Business and Commercial Analyst 

CPA/CA Qualified Financial and Operational Accountants, business as usual financial services and full budget builds and roll outs

Data Storytelling – PowerBI integration and reporting

Project cost control and reporting

Secondments for when you need support in house, quickly




With a team of qualified accountants, we work with clients to deliver financial models that inform decision making, communicating results in ways that are meaningful for both the boardroom and the engine room.


Budget models

Revenue models

Forecasting models

Scenario and Sensitivity analysis

Discounted cashflow analysis

Cashflow models

New business model assessments

Capital-markets analysis

Performance measurement

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