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Build, Transfer and Train with ER


Improve your systems and processes

We help organisation set up SharePoint with as minimal pain as possible. We know change is difficult and not everyone in the organisation will be flying the flag for this kind of transition. We put the time in to explain the process, demonstrate the value and train people so they are confident from the beginning. We get suggestions from every level of the organisation, building a wish list of the functions that would make a difference to how they perform their role. 

SharePoint allows you to adopt a system and process with minimal cost to the business, compared to purchasing other off the shelf software.

We map out what you need together, we show you examples of what it looks like and how the functions work. We understand who should have permissions to do what across the business and we can even help migrate all your documents into their new clean home (and we won't judge you if they're sitting on your desktop!)

Here are some of the key functions we can build for your organisation:

Easily customised document libraries

Registers to store information from various sources, like data from forms, contact lists, invoice details, onboarding information and more

Online forms and automated processes, removing as much manual work as possible, and all paper!

Task tracking consistent across the organisation

Embedded PowerBI dashboards

Online Inductions

Shared work spaces with third parties to work in documents together with version control

Automated processes that can prompt people when a task is due, or a form has been submitted, or when they need to review and approve a document for example

We've helped a number of organisation transition and we're quick in building the foundations. 

We also train your teams for internal capability and we can provide ongoing support. This includes video libraries for reference, but if you just want someone on tap to answer questions or fix any issues at any time, we offer this service. The success of this transition will always depend on timely and friendly support to the people on the ground using it. 

We have enabled thousands of forms to be completed by people online and more than five thousand documents to be moved to SharePoint for easy collaboration and document control. 

Get in touch to discuss how we can help transform your organisation efficiently and with the right support.

To access our example site, ER Gold, get in touch! 

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