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Outsource exceptional project managers, cost controllers, accountants, commercial managers and analyst who understand the industry and the importance of staying on time, under budget and with a strong focus on social license. We also build project control systems in SharePoint, streamlining and automating your projects document management, task tracking, data rooms, RFIs and stakeholder engagement registers. We just make things easier.

Wind Turbines in the Mountains


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It can be difficult to resource an internal team that can embed the systems and processes required to meet evolving project needs, while also completing everyday tasks. We provide an innovative option for clients that provides flexibility and resourcing to deliver these services to an exceptional standard. We understand that project resourcing demand fluctuates throughout the lifecycle, engaging Ellis Richmond affords you the flexibility to modify our contribution on the go, so that you are never over or under resourced.

We can provide:

Finance Managers

Accountants and Analysts

Commercial Managers

Project Managers/Superintendents

Project Cost Controllers, Accountants and Analysts

Quality and Completion Management

Sustainability Advisors

Project Schedulers 

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We manage cost control in a way most don't - coordinating stakeholders, interrogating the information and reporting back in a comprehensive, transparent format.

We work with your project managers to keep you on time and under budget. If we forecast issues, we propose solutions as early as possible, drawing on our commercial analysts for strategy advice where helpful. 

We can build custom dashboards, easy to use tools and we automate as much of the reporting process with contractors and consultants as possible. 

Rather than simply relying on the level of reporting provided by third parties, ensure this is being reviewed and assessed correctly throughout the project.  

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We offer outsourced CFO services and CPA/CA qualified accountants who understand renewables and sustainability more broadly.

We also provide services such as financial modelling, wind revenue models, budget preparation, analysis to support planning process requirements, emissions tracking, project cost control and scenario analysis.  

We provide insights that help you make strong decisions and build a long term strategy to support the success of the project and the communities within which you operate. 

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We build the SharePoint framework you need to meet the needs of your project. rather than pulling in multiple platforms and software providers, we help you understand the functionality available within SharePoint across document control, task tracking, registers, automated processes, databases, RFIs and more. 

SharePoint allows the organisation to dramatically improve its systems and processes, managing the project in a simple and streamlined way from the beginning. 

We show you examples of our work before you start so you know what to expect and can tailor functions to suit your needs. 

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