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Ellis Richmond is innovative in its approach to helping organisations reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. We assess different carbon project methods and carbon reduction strategies across the agricultural/land space. Home-grown carbon sequestration projects can drive down overall emissions for business entities, promote regional economies and protect the natural environment.

Ellis Richmond is taking this opportunity to foster relationships and partnerships that will promote a strong carbon market, from right here in Tasmania.

We're also here to support landowners that are ready to explore the true value of their natural capital resources.

Harvesting Wheat


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We understand the world of carbon farming is still new for many farmers and land managers. Words like carbon neutral, net zero, carbon positive, climate smart and the rest are talked about all the time. We help you cut through the noise and assess the opportunities that the green transition presents for your operation. We get to know how you work and the potential methods for carbon farming on your land that could apply. We assess what it would take to execute on the project from a financial perspective, what the forecast returns are and forecast timing to deliver the project end to end. 

If you decided to move ahead, we can manage projects on your behalf, dealing with all legislative requirements and administration.

We also facilitate connections with organisations seeking to purchase ACCUs to offset their emissions. 




We perform holistic carbon emission assessments. We provide baseline carbon accounting for farms and provide the total GHG emissions and carbon intensity of products such as wool, meat and grain.

This baseline assessment is essential in delivering a broader carbon neutral strategy for the organisation, its products and services.

We can then work with you to develop a strategy for emissions reduction or carbon neutral products. Our accountants and analysts look at every proposed project from a financial perspective as much as a sustainability one, making sure up front costs, returns, timelines and tangible actions are understood before you hit go. 

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New and emerging technology can provide amazing opportunities for farmers and land owners. However, understanding what's out there, the features, forecast impact and cost to adopting this technology can be a bit of a maze. We help simplify the process, we get to know your operation, the problems you're trying to solve and then we help assess the options on the market, summarising our findings in a way that make sense.

Examples of this technology include:


new packaging material

biotechnology and digital and wireless technologies for data measurement

weather monitoring

animal monitoring

geospatial monitoring

environmental monitoring

precision application of water and chemicals

ER works with start-ups that are building the technology that will make a difference and we can often make valuable connections. 



Natural Capital is an emerging way of valuing nature on a balance sheet, the same way accountants would for traditional assets owned by the organisation.

By taking stock of natural resources, including biodiversity, organisations are better able to communicate their sustainability strategies and capacity to manage their nature based resources to investors and other stakeholders, including the broader community. 

So where to start? We help you understand the data needed to pull nature into the accounting world. We look at what you have and how the rest can be obtained. We discuss formulas to be used and the process of setting up accounts and we clearly establish the benefits to your organisation of doing this.

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If you're a farmer or land owner, chances are you're trying to juggle a lot of administration on top of the day to day work. We help build simple and affordable places to store documentation, track tasks, capture admin information and automate the manual paper based processes you're wrangling. 

We use SharePoint to do this and we don't just set it all up and wish you luck. We help your team understand it so it works for them, ensuring everyone wants to use the new system because it's actually adding value and not just creating a headache.

SharePoint allows you to dramatically improve systems and processes. 

We show you examples of our work before you start so you know what to expect. Change can be difficult for people and annoying, we get that and we work with you to make it as easy as possible. 

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